At Revolution Real Estate, we firmly believe in giving back to the community. As such, we have established a practice of donating a portion of every commission to charity. We also encourage our customers to participate, by donating a portion of your rebate/savings, and we’ll even match your contribution in certain circumstances. A list of our preferred charities and a description of our donation criteria follows:

Every transaction

For every transaction we complete, we will donate $50 to the local chapter of the American Red Cross. This applies to all of our transactions, regardless of which level of service you choose.

Why this charity?

Shortly after opening Revolution Real Estate, I had a severe fire in my home. It was the single most stressful thing that has ever happened in my life. Since then, I’ve become passionate about trying to help other victims of similar tragedies in order to help ease that stress.
We all know about how much the Red Cross helps when we suffer large disasters, but I wasn’t aware that the Red Cross will step in and help out with short term expenses (food, clothing, temporary shelter, etc) even for victims of an individual event like a house fire.
The Red Cross is the easiest way I can think of to help out members of our community affected by disasters.

Matching Donations

As I said above, we encourage you to donate some of your savings to charity, and to encourage this, we’ll match your donation. We will match every cent you donate up to the total commission we receive minus our minimum commission. For example, if our commission on a transaction was $5,000, we’d match up to a $1,500 donation from you ($5,000 – $3,500 minimum fee).


This program applies to our preferred charities, but we are also willing to examine charities of your choice, or additional donations to the Red Cross. We may disqualify certain charities based on their overhead costs or any other factor which we deem appropriate. We will absolutely not contribute to Political campaigns, parties, or causes through this program, although we encourage all of our clients to exercize their civic responsibility to vote and get involved in local politics.

Preferred Charities


Why this charity?

I am a motorcycle enthusiast, and this is an amazing charity aimed at preventing child abuse, as well as empowering child abuse victims to stand up against their accusers. It was founded in Utah, but has grown nationwide. It uses the stereotype of the outlaw biker for a positive purpose, although their cause is completely nonviolent.


Why this charity?

Everyone has known someone who’s been impacted by cancer, and I’m no exception. My grandmother died after her second bout with breast cancer, my mother is a 2 time breast cancer survivor, one of my cousins battled leukemia as a child, and I lost a very close friend to breast cancer at the age of 23 a few years ago. I specifically chose the Huntsman Cancer Foundation because they’re local, and because I admire the dedication Jon Huntsman Sr. has given this cause. He has individually donated over $250 million to this foundation, which not only aims to aid in the cure for cancer, but also contributes great educational opportunities to the University of Utah, as well as contributing many jobs to the Utah Economy.


Why this charity?

St. Jude is a world renowned research hospital, funded largely by donations from the public. More importantly, they NEVER turn a patient down based on inability to pay. They treat thousands of children who would otherwise be denied medical care. This is an organization that is absolutely amazing to me, and I take great pride in making an annual donation to them. With this program, I look forward to making numerous donations each year.


Why this Charity?

Habitat for Humanity is dedicated to responsibly providing home ownership to low income Americans. They have strict requirements for eligibility, and require everyone who benefits from their program to also contribute to it, both through physical labor, as well as repaying the hard costs involved in their home. The beautiful thing about this organization is that the more people they do help, the more then can help. Between donations and repayment of recipients, this is an organization which is growing rapidly and serves a very valuable function to our country.

I strongly recommend donating to Habitat, both financially and with your time. To that end, I extend my guarantee of a match to labor. If you’re willing to work on a habitat home in Utah, I’ll join you for every hour you work (schedule permitting).

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