When you work with Revolution Real Estate, you get all of the following, plus a cash rebate of up to 50% of our commission*, which is paid by the seller.

We will handle your entire transaction, start to finish. Our services include all of the following:

A professional agent representing your interests:

It is critically important to be represented by a buyer’s agent when writing an offer on a home. The listing agent works for the seller, not the buyer. As such, anything you tell them can and will be used against you in the bargaining process. Obviously, you don’t want the seller to know what you’re willing to pay upfront, and you probably don’t want them to know anything about your income or other personal information unless it helps your bargaining position.

The only exception to this scenario is Limited/Dual Agency, where an agent agrees to represent both sides. However, in this case, the agent is strictly limited on what they can and can’t tell you, and many things that you would think are simple questions simply cannot be answered without betraying confidential information for the other side of the transaction.

The best and safest way to ensure a smooth home buying experience is to work with an exclusive buyer’s agent. This ensures that someone is on your side, watching out for your interests. You wouldn’t trust the prosecutor to safeguard your interests if you were charged with a crime, and you shouldn’t trust a listing agent to protect your interests as a buyer.

Automated Email hotlists:

Realtor’s search tools on the MLS are much more intensive than the ones available on public searches. Additionally, I can set a recurring search with your specific parameters which will email you daily with new and changed listings. This prevents you from having to continuously wade through the homes you have already eliminated in your regular searches.

Guided home showings:

I will escort you to see any homes you find that you are interested in. This is beneficial for several reasons.

  • I make the appointments. You don’t have to attempt to coordinate with several different Realtor’s to see their listings on their schedule. Instead, we set aside a block of time and can see several houses efficiently. 
  • No pressure. You will learn fast that a Buyer’s Agent doesn’t need to be a high pressure salesperson. When you call a listing agent directly, that agent will likely apply pressure, either to sell their listing, or to turn you into a buyer who they can sell a different home.
  • I’ll give you an experienced, impartial opinion. With showing so many houses comes experience in identifying many things you may not notice, both good and bad, as well as a wealth of knowledge of what things are normal and common, and what is special or troublesome.

Writing, negotiating, presenting, and executing offers:

With 11 years of full-time real estate sales experience, I have been involved in a variety of different types of situations. I bring the knowledge and skills to the table to ensure that your offer is as attractive as possible to the seller, while still representing what is in your best interest. Moreover, I will do the research to ensure we have the strongest bargaining position possible, and will fight to ensure that you get the best deal possible on your future home.

Transactional advice:

Buying a home is an extremely complicated endeavor. Chances are, there is a lot you don’t know about the process. Why would you? Most people will buy a house a maximum of 5 times in their lives. I often sell that many homes in a month. I will give you advice and answer questions on any subject, or will refer you to an appropriate resource if the question is outside of our field of expertise. I truly believe that the only “stupid” question is the one you don’t ask, which leads you to make a bad decision based on a lack of information.

Transaction coordination – monitoring timelines, scheduling appraisal/inspections, visits back to the home to “check things out”, etc:

There are a lot of deadlines and details that go into a home purchase. Each of these things can cost you thousands of dollars if not handled correctly.  I will work with you to ensure that none of these deadlines or details get glossed over, missed, or forgotten.

Advice on financing:

Loan costs can vary wildly from one mortgage lender to another. I will advise you about many of the common costs of obtaining financing, and will work with you to help get you the best deal on your mortgage.




*Revolution Real Estate strives to create an efficient sales environment. We strive to find a balance where we accomplish two goals: Finding the perfect home and making the most efficient use of your time.

We want to match your needs as closely as possible in all steps of the process. This allows us to be more efficient, which allows us more time to find you the right home. It also means time savings, which allows us to return part of our commission to you in the form of a rebate. The more efficiently we can accomplish these goals, the more we are able to rebate back to our buyers.

Contact us for specific information about commission rebate calculations.

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